Dental Services


Most of our services are covered by National Health Insurance.

- X-rays

- Cleanings

- Extractions

- Crowns/Bridges/Fillings [Resin]

- Root Canals

- Dentures

- Nightguards

- Cosmetic [Ceramic] Crowns/Bridges/Fillings ( NOT covered by medical insurance. )

- Teeth Whitening ( NOT covered by medical insurance. )


We help you improve the health of your teeth and gums using preventive maintenance and education, utilizing the latest in dental technology and x-ray equipment. With the help of our caring hygienists and a focus on regular cleanings and check-ups, we aim to keep your teeth and gums in top condition.


We are more than happy to take whatever time is necessary to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your dental health- just ask!


Teeth Whitening

Our registered dental hygienists help you maintain optimal health, which goes far beyond polished enamel.

 English-speaking Dentist

While each member of the staff is not bilingual, one of our full-time dentists can converse easily in both English and Japanese. If you are a foreigner living in Sendai, you don't have to worry about language barriers with us!